Makanan: Because You Know I’m All About That Food, ‘Bout that food

Since I’m not doing a recap of the day post anymore, I decided to do a post dedicated to the amazing food that I have been eating! Most of you know, I have some pretty ridiculous and annoying stomach problems. I love spicy food, but usually it triggers heart burn that feels like what I imagine the center of the Earth is like. Or, I eat something totally safe an normal, like a salad, and feel so nauseated that I want to die. I was super nervous to come to Indonesia because of my screwed up tummy, and my irrational fear of getting sick, because I knew I would be eating all new types of foods, and many foods that have been sitting out for a while, or prepared in a new/different way, etc. I am so paranoid about getting food poisoning, that I wont even order meat at restaurants in the US, let alone eat meat in a developing country. Sometimes I even throw yogurt away that I just bought at the store, if I think it took me too long to get home.

Well, I am so so so happy to report, that other than the first couple of days I was here, my stomach has been great!! I have been tolerating the food perfectly (don’t worry, I’m knocking on wood), and have been super brave and venturing out of my comfort zone with food!

Let’s see what I’ve been eating!!!

  • You all know about Sari Roti, the little filled sandwiches. still a fave.
  • Nasi Pecel: rice with veggies and a spicy peanut sauce. Had it yesterday for breakfast with greens, a friend egg, tempeh, and these crispy things called kerupuk. So gooddddddd
  • Tahu Telor: which is kind of like tofu and egg, with rice and a peanut sauce.
  • Ayam Remuk: Which is fried chicken, it’s not breaded, just spiced really amazingly and fried. Basically, they beat the s*** out of the chicken, and then flash fry it. You can even eat the small bones! I tried a couple. It was weird to eat bones but they were really crunchy. I also ate the liver from my chicken. I was hesitant at first, but I did it for Poppy. We were supposed to have the fried duck, but they were sold out. We will definitely go back for the duck! I’ve heard it’s mom’s favorite!!
  • Bubur Ayam: Chicken porridge! Rice porridge with chicken served with kerupuk. So tasty. Had this for breakfast one morning! Very interesting to have such savory, dinner type foods for breakfast.
  • Bakso: Meatballs!! The bakso guy rides his bike down the neighborhoods, and bangs on the side of his card. Then you go out and flag him down, and make your own soup type deal. The meatballs are beef mixed with flour, so they are a way different texture than any meatball I’ve ever had. But I chose meatballs, noodles, tofu, siomay, which kind of like a dumpling, and goreng, which is a fried wonton type thing filled with meat. Then you add broth, chives, and a sweet sauce. Yum!! Super cheap and also considered a snack and not a meal. Sam loves broth!
  • Getuk: A traditional Javanese snack made from cassava. It is soft, sweet and has a subtle flavor, and is served with shredded coconut. We also got this from a guy selling in the neighborhood.
  • Terang Bulan (Translation: Bright Moon): Is a really awesome dessert. It is like a super thick pancake, that is made to order so when you get it, it’s steaming hot, and filled with chocolate. It is extremely buttery and kind of spongey. So good. I didn’t want to stop eating it!! But it is so rich and buttery that I just could not. Mmmm. mm. MM. So good.
  • Martabak: A crispy egg thing? Think like a flat egg roll with curried eggs and meat inside.
  • Durian: Will have it’s own post.
  • Nasi Campur: Mixed rice. Rice with whatever toppings you would like. I had Tempeh (imagine that), a spicy tempeh/potato hash type thing and shredded curry chicken. The chicken was soooo good. It was sweet and tangy and super good with the rice.
  • Yogurt: Little frozen yogurt sticks. These are interesting but delicious and really refreshing. They come in a variety of flavors and are really cheap. They are 500RP, which is about $0.04 each. You can buy them in huge quantities. I like the grape and the lychee flavor the best.
  • Pisang Goreng: Bananas, cut in half, breaded and deep friend. Need I say more?
  • Pete: Stinky beans. Not a fan!
  • Tempe: Tempeh! Fermented soy beans mmmm
  • Tahu: Tofu!
  • Jus Melon: Fresh Melon juice
  • Es Degan: A coconut drink with fresh coconut water, coconut flesh and a red liquid you add in for flavor. So fresh!
  • Mie Jogging: Chicken noodles (yummm)
  • Energen: A milky drink with cereal and oats and vitamins! So good and comforting. I tried the vanilla flavor. Will be bringing some home with me for sure.
  • Gula Asem, Kunyit Asem, Beras Kencur: Had 3 different traditional Javanese drinks. One was made with rice and was very sweet and kind of chalky, one made with tamarind which was sweet and hard to explain, and one with turmeric and palm sugar which was my favorite.

I love everything! I still have a lot of stuff to try and I can’t wait!! I turned down chicken feet today… but I think I’ll have to face those soon.


3 thoughts on “Makanan: Because You Know I’m All About That Food, ‘Bout that food

  1. I AM SO JEALOUS! The list of descriptions so we can read it coupled with the pictures is amazing! I want to try everything! Literally everything! Can’t wait to see more!


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