Indonesia Round 2: The Adventure + First Day 


I am so excited to get this blog up and going again, and to share my experiences with you while visiting Indonesia for the second time. This time is obviously better though because Liane is with me! YAY! It’s so nice to be together.

So let’s start with our voyage here. Do you remember how miserable my flights here last time were? Well, this time they were amazing! Long, of course, but I was not sick and had Liane to keep me company and to sleep on! It was great. We started last Tuesday, May 9th, and flew from Denver to LA, LA to Japan, Japan to Jakarta. Flight time was about 23 hours (not including layovers). There is not much to blog about because the flights went without a hitch! We had a couple of delayed take offs but we had long enough layovers that it was ok! We ate the airplane food, watched some good movies (Hidden Figures, Collateral Beauty, Julie , and tried to sleep. Gosh, I never imagined that the voyage post would be so boring and uneventful but I’m glad that it is!

Our first day in Indonesia was pretty relaxed but still fun. We went to a traditional market with Sam and Vriz to pick up some things, and then got food from the side of the road. Liane’s first experience with Indonesian food! We got Ketoprak which you can see pictures of below. We went back to the apartment to eat and hangout. Oh, the apartment! The apartment in Jakarta is great – it has AC, a kitchen that is inside, a western toilet, a shower with WARM water, 2 bedrooms, and a great view of the city. So great!

After lunch and hanging out chatting for a bit, we went to Tamarind City, which is a huge textile mall. It was really cool to see all of the fabric and clothes and jewelry! I may need to go back and get some cheap costume jewelry for myself! We only ended up buying really cool postcards from the fancy mall that was next door. We ate dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the fancy mall, and went home and crashed. We had a pretty calm day because we needed to save our energy for the Borneo trip that we were leaving for the next day.

Indonesia is just as incredible (and hot) as I remember, and I can’t wait to experience new and different things! It

Here we go!


Smoggy Jakarta


Caitlin and Sari Roti… reunited and it feels so goooooood

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